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Random thought

A health care bill banning rescission, disallowing coverage refusals due to pre-existing conditions, eliminating the wasteful Medicare Advantage program, and expanding coverage to 94% of the country seems like a step forward.

Then again, it’s a giveaway to teh evil corporations, so I’m clearly some sort of non-sentient shill. But the alternative is being complicit with murder, so hello persistent vegetative state.

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  1. October 9, 2009 at 11:55 am

    Now, you’re right. There are good provisions in the reform bill. But, sadly, the best stuff — the community standard aspects you mention — only apply to those shopping for policies in the health insurance exchange, which will be limited to those without insurance, and people working in companies of 50 or less. So most of us are stuck with the same policies — or worse, insurance companies may feel inclined to raise rates and worsen coverage across the board to offset the losses they’d have covering the ill.

    So…without an open exchange and an outlet to guaranteed coverage (a public option), I’m wary…

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