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Social engineering they can believe in

Mark Hemingway is an idiot. That’s what I assume from this, anyway. He quotes this approvingly:

Abstinence-only education doesn’t actually exist. It’s a term used by critics of abstinence education rather than purveyors, who prefer, simply, abstinence education. The term “abstinence-only” attempts to create the perception that abstinence education is a narrow and unrealistic approach. While such loaded terms are to be expected of activists, the media usage of the term is regrettable.

Seriously? I thought the purpose of that term was to describe it accurately. Abstinence education is included in all sex educations programs. “Activists” object to programs that teach abstinence exclusively. They’re not against abstinence education. The unique feature is the “only” part of abstinence-only sex education. Conservatives want to try and hide behind inaccurate language and make their unrealistic social engineering scheme look less stupid.

There’s another quote in the article he cites that’s pretty interesting:

The liberal caricature of abstinence education is of school marms rapping the knuckles of teens and telling them—day after day—not to have sex. In fact, a review of curricula for abstinence education programs shows surprisingly little about sex—and a lot about building self-esteem, understanding risky behavior, finding responsible partners, and growing a family.

I don’t know, I though most of us were aware that these people try to dress up their lies with supposedly engaging activities. I had to sit through a presentation promoting abstinence alone in high school (this was separate from our normal sex ed class, which also included abstinence). It certainly wasn’t school marms imploring us to not have sex, but it was still absurd.

I can’t believe conservatives are still on this bandwagon. Oh wait, yes I can. They love to use the phrase “social engineering” to describe liberal social programs, but they’re all too happy to try out common sense-defying schemes when their magic book says so. Never mind that we know they don’t work. If we just close our eyes and wish hard enough (also known as praying), human nature will magically change! Any time now. Really.

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