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The Vatican attempts to defend itself from atheists:

“We believe that however creation has come about and evolved, ultimately God is the creator of all things,” he said on the sidelines of the conference.

But while the Vatican did not exclude any area of science, it did reject as “absurd” the atheist notion of biologist and author Richard Dawkins and others that evolution proves there is no God, he said.

“Of course we think that’s absurd and not at all proven,” he said. “But other than that … the Vatican has recognized that it doesn’t stand in the way of scientific realities.”

Do these people not pay attention? I’ve never read anything by Dawkins that says evolution disproves the existence of gods. He does say that evolution is an explanation of the the history of life that doesn’t require a god. That’s what his “intellectually fulfilled atheist” comment means. The Vatican can say a god gave us souls at some point or kicked off the process, but such a claim isn’t a worthwhile explanation of anything in the history of life.

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