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Seriously, don't touch them

So according to a study of nearly a thousand school districts in Texas, just 4% teach sex education in a correct and useful way. A quote:

For example, one school district utilizes a skit that compares using a condom to committing suicide. The skit titled “Jumping Off the Bridge” concludes: “Giving a condom to a teen is just like saying, “Well if you insist on killing yourself by jumping off the bridge, at least wear these elbow pads — they may protect you some?” Knowing that STDs can kill and that there is at least a 30% failure rate is like helping the teen kill them self [sic]. It is a lie to call condoms “safe sex.” If there is a 30% failure rate of condoms against life threatening diseases, then calling them a way to have “safe sex” is like “helping” someone commit suicide by giving them elbow pads to “protect” them or finding them the safest spot from the bridge to jump.'”

I didn’t know “Don’t Mess with Texas” was a public health warning.

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  1. Ben
    March 3, 2009 at 9:50 am

    I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this sort of thing anymore, and yet I still pucker just a little by the sheer…. idiocy.

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