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Transition thoughts

November 25, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

My thoughts on Obama’s transition process, in convenient numbered form:

1. I’m not much for criticizing Obama’s appointments. For the most part, I’m content to let him pick whomever he wants and judge his administration on the policies it implements. The exceptions to this are especially egregious nominations or nominations of people who are clearly incompetent. We’ve had one of those so far and he’s now withdrawn. So I’m relatively happy.

2. Clinton as Secretary of State isn’t a great choice. To some extent their differences in the primaries were more heat than light, but their respective foreign policy views actually seemed to be somewhat different. Not by a lot, but enough that in the context of an election that didn’t see debates about overarching foreign policy principles they’re significant. So, enough to vote on the basis of them, but not enough that I think Obama supporters should be actively hostile to a Clinton nomination.

3. Awesome:

[O]ne could forgive Geithner right now if his head swelled just a little bit. The Dow Jones Industrial Average shot up five hundred points on Friday as word of his appointment leaked. The Dow jumped close to another four hundred points yesterday after Obama officially introduced him. One has to wonder if, sometime this week, when Geithner’s wife asks him to do the dishes, he will be tempted to respond, “Have you caused the Dow to jump by more than ten percent? I didn’t think so!”

4. I have no use for weekly addresses on YouTube.

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