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Business opportunities

November 10, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I wonder, if I could patent posts of the form “Barack Obama is doing X, that’s not Y,” where X is a policy or action by Obama that conservatives dislike/misinterpret and Y is some variant of a Barack Obama campaign slogan involving change or hope, and charge royalties, how much money would I make in the next four years? I think I’d own the planet. It’d at least be enough to hire Michael Goldfarb to rant about how everyone who doesn’t like me is stupid and plays D&D.

Another idea: a subscription-based web service that conservatives can send a given policy or action and get a post with a snide remark about it not being change back. I’d free up a lot of conservative energy with that. They’d have even more time to devote themselves to figuring out who in the Republican Party doesn’t like Sarah Palin and complaining about them. That’s a goal we can all support.

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