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I’ve been thinking about buying a MacBook for the last couple months. I’ve been wanting a laptop and to mess around with OS X and some apps for it for quite a while now. So I started doing some research and found that MacBooks were due for an update in the near future. Since I don’t really need one, I decided to wait for those updates, deciding to browse sites like Mac Rumors (and its forum) for news about any updates.

All I can say is, those people are a little nuts. I know Apple fanboys have a reputation and Apple’s good at hyping their releases, but this is pretty impressive. I mean, there’s over 1500 comments on an item with alleged pictures of the new MacBook case. Not the actually notebook, but the case. And let’s face it, besides the fact that it’s aluminum, it’s not that interesting. I can’t say I’ve kept above it; I’ve been reading that site regularly for a month or two and I don’t really care about Apple otherwise. The rumored updates are being announced tomorrow, so it’s finally coming to an end.

I would guess this isn’t surprising to a lot of other people, but it’s fascinating to me. Apple makes decent products, but they’re not that impressive.

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