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Obama debated McCain tonight. McCain, inexplicably, debated the floor, Lehrer, the camera, and the crowd at Ole Miss. What the hell was up with McCain not looking at Obama?

In any case, I only watched the first hour or so. I think Obama won, but I’m pretty sure I’d think Obama won unless he ate a baby on stage. The polls seem to show that most people thought Obama won, which is all that really matters (the media looks like they’re going with Obama won, so at least they won’t overturn those polls).

One last thing, McCain seems to want a “surge” in Afghanistan. Now, maybe more troops would be good, but as McCain points out, the “surge” is a new strategy, not just more troops. It was the idea of clearing and holding in Baghdad. I could be wrong, but I don’t think we can do that in Afghanistan. Are we clearing and holding caves? Random rural tribal villages? How would that work? I don’t think rural Afghan villagers are as annoyed with the violence as urban Iraqis were and have far less incentive to cooperate. Of course, the other issue is that the reduction in violence in Iraq was a combination of other factors as well, factors that aren’t relevant in Afghanistan.

On to the VP debate. It’ll be awesome. Sarah Palin will single-handedly defend Alaska from a Russian incursion. Biden will inform us that during the great depression FDR dealt with greedy bankers by shooting their computers with a shotgun.

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