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Trolling for material

When I can’t think of anything to write about, I typically troll One News Now or WND for dumb articles.

Let’s start with WND. The best article is this one, sub-headlined: “Third-party candidates pulling close to 20% of total vote.” You won’t actually find any data supporting that claim in the article, though. Unless you count the 17% combined undecided and third-party count they have. Which would be a little disingenuous (no, not WND!). Also, Joesph Farah gets an award for awkward sentences: “I don’t want to say there has been a conspiracy among the pollsters and major media to exclude any mention of the alternatives, but, until now, it is a fact, nonetheless.”

At ONN, there’s an article on the absurd Tyson Foods controversy:

Tyson Foods created an uproar when it announced recently that its Shelbyville plant would no longer have Labor Day as a paid holiday, but instead that the 1,000 affected union employees would have October 1 off, which corresponds to the end of the Muslim festival of Ramadan. The move reportedly was aimed at accommodating the 250 Somali Muslim employees who work at the Shelbyville plant. (See earlier article)

Actually, the union there requested the day and overwhelmingly voted in favor of the contract. That’s not the end of stupidity:

Jim Boulet of English First says it is a great victory for the people. “The American people rose up and said, ‘Look, in the United States its time for the immigrants to adapt to our ways — not the other way around.'”

That’s right, he just came out against religious pluralism. How American.

Boulet suggests there would be no mutual respect given if the tables were turned. “[E]specially given that an immigrant to an Islamic country had darn well better adopt Islam — and try to build a church in Saudi Arabia and see how far you get,” he adds. “But the Islamicists come to this country and they use and abuse our legal system in order to impose their religion on the rest of us. Well, for once the people have risen up and said not here, not today. It’s a big victory.”

I stand in awe of that comment. Yes, Saudi Arabia is more oppressive than us. I would think that’s a point in our favor. And seriously, you’re being imposed upon by getting a different day off? I wonder if he knows they employees don’t have to observe the end of Ramadan.

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