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Credulity is fun

This is completely insane. A psychic told an “educational assistant” that a student with a name starting with ‘V’ was being abused by young male. That forced the school to inform the authorities, who started investigating the claim. All because of a scam artist and a gullible mark.

The idea that anyone involved in educating children is gullible enough to believe something like this is mind-boggling. There’s a reason ads for psychics say “for entertainment purposes only” – it’s complete bullshit. And of course, the psychic made the vague prediction of a child with a ‘V’ name and picked an unidentified male in his 20s as the accuser. Just in case she wasn’t casting a wide enough net with her smear.

And if the psychic had accused the mother or a teacher? The potential for harm here is enormous. It’s bad enough that they’re being dragged through an investigation as it is, but if the mother or a teacher was the target? Smeared because of a con-artist claiming nonexistent supernatural powers. I’d be pretty pissed.

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