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Discussion about possible VP choices for Obama seems to be in full swing. It’s fun to read, but I don’t think the eventual choice will make a big difference. As far as I’m concerned, Obama has one problem in the general election: racism and race-related personal attacks. Some people are more cynical than me and think this means he won’t be elected, but I think that’s the only issue that makes this a close race.

Anyway, who should Obama pick? Count me among those who are skeptical about Webb. He’s a decent Senator who brings very little you can’t get elsewhere to the slot. Edwards is the darling of left wing blogs, but I remain less than convinced about him. He seems like the Mitt Romney of the Democratic party.

I’ve seen our governor’s name bandied about as well. As entertaining as that would be, it would hurt Montana Democrats quite a lot (that’s explained here). More than we’d gain from Schweitzer being on the ticket, certainly.

While I’m on the subject, Montana politics is awesome. For our single House seat we have a guy who pledged that he wouldn’t campaign against Rehberg (who, let’s face it, was going to win anyway). For Senate, the Republicans voted in an 85 year old former Green party candidate who wants us to have a Parliament. Not only that, but he’s essentially a Green party candidate in every respect. He’s going against our annoying half-ass Democrat, Max Baucus.

Ok, back to the topic at hand. I kind of like Richardson, but presumably the Clinton faction of the party will go apeshit. He’s got solid foreign policy experience and is an engaging guy. Although the fact that his campaign couldn’t get him anywhere near the the top tier candidates is worrying. I don’t know a whole lot about him, though, so maybe my interest is based on my image of him more than his actual strengths.

Did you think I was going to end this without talking about Clinton? I do not want her on the ticket. The pandering and the absurd end of primary desperation. I don’t want the Clinton machine in the White House. That said, what am I going to do if Obama picks her? Probably nothing. I can see that it has value in terms of party unity. She’s doing a decent job in the Senate, so I’d rather have her stay there.

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  1. June 9, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    The VP candidate isn’t going to make or break the election, but it is fun to discuss.

    Gov. Richardson brings a very strong resume to the table, and served in a variety of capacities in the Clinton administration, so that may help as well.

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