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Seriously? Maybe it wasn’t the brightest remark Obama’s ever made, but come on. It’s now elitist to say some people in small towns are bitter and frustrated and their politics reflect that? I think that’s just true.

Now, on a broader scale, I think he’s wrong. Gun culture and the Christian Right are hardly due to economic frustration, even though frustrated and bitter people exist. But we’re (again) not having a debate on the merits of his comment. We’re talking about how elitist and condescending it was.

Isn’t this over yet?

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  1. Fate
    May 6, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    I’m pretty much an elitist asshole as you probably know. I think it is partly due to frustration and bitterness. I think the largest part of it is that people in small rural towns are completely ignorant and secluded enough that they aren’t forced into being exposed to thinking contrary to their beliefs. If people in Portland believed some of the crazy BS that the people in Williston, where I grew up, believed they may as well put a big IDIOT sign around their neck. To some extent this pattern of thought applies to entire regions.

    Gun toting loonies in the midwest. I love taking my SKS and 9mm out to the range as much as the next guy, but if they’d take away the next guys guns to make me safer I’d gladly give up mine. I’m not stupid enough to think that an SKS modified to be fully automatic and a whole arsenal of weapons is going to mean shit to a government with laser guided missiles and recon drones.

    The racism in the south is a possible second example but not one that I have enough familiarity with to comment. I can say that the racism in this area is tempered by sensibilities. There are groups that believe that we ought to have Hispanic death camps. The group that believes this had a picket line outside where I work. There are also people on the other side that for whatever reason think that crossing the border and lying on applications or forging documents isn’t a crime. Many of those are people that I work with. Some may be sons or daughters or related some how, or friends with, those that are here illegally. The majority seems to recognize that neither extreme makes any sense or does this country any good. Unfortunately the “majority” is partially a regional balance of the nut job radical right rural eastern Oregon and then extremely liberal and the “left.. because…..” hippies and wackos of the coast and valley.

    Well… thats my convoluted rant for the day.

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