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Politics? What?

I will eventually start commenting on politics again. For now, this isn’t a bad perspective on the recent candidate visits to our state. I’m not a Clinton supporter, but it does appear a lot of Obama supporters were acting like idiots. Then there’s the raving lunatic in LitW’s comments, but that’s really not different than usual.

On the other hand, Clinton isn’t doing anything to impress people lately. Claiming she was under fire when she wasn’t, claiming that she was criticizing the Iraq war before Obama…it’s more than a little annoying. The pure cynicism that is her advocacy for seating MIchigan and Florida is older, but still damned annoying.

She’s behind by every measure. It’s close, but essentially impossible for her to come out on top. She’s going to have to have the superdelegates overturn the will of Democratic voters. That’s a terrible outcome for the party, so I can’t blame people for thinking she has sense of entitlement.

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