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Random thoughts

I’ve filled out an NCAA tournament bracket on espn.com every year since 5th grade. And yet I just can’t muster the interest this year. It’s not like I pay attention to college basketball during the season, but still.

Obama’s speech on race was very very good. That hasn’t stopped the silliness, though. Did you know you can declare Obama’s candidacy on the decline without any evidence and that a major speech has failed, just hours after it was given? Me neither. I need more of an indication than right-wing hysteria.

Atheists are utopian warmongers who think everyone is a good person? Can I not believe in Chris Hedges?

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  1. Lina
    March 19, 2008 at 11:24 am

    I should’ve just linked to the speech like you did. I started out thinking I’d post just my “favorite parts,” but it wound up being nearly the entire thing minus a couple paragraphs.

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