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The state of things

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This next election is going to be fun. I think. I seem to go back and forth about this. I see something that worries me, then I see something that makes me hopeful.

I’m happy with Clinton or Obama as the Democratic nominee. Neither is a bad candidate. However, I’m definitely hoping Obama gets it. For all the experience and supposed expertise of the Clinton campaign, it’s not impressing me of late. If I’m going to vote with a rather ugly political machine, I’m going to be sure it’s at least effective. Burning through the kind of money they have is disconcerting.

While I’m not worried about the eventual nominee, I’m a little worried about how that nominee comes to be. If things get ugly at the convention with the superdelegates swinging the nomination one way or another, dividing the party, I think the Democratic party is screwed. Sure, maybe everyone will make up in short order like the Republican base and John McCain seem to have done, but I have my doubts.

On the other side, we’re going to have to deal with McCain. If there was a candidate I was afraid of in the general, it was McCain. His independent reputation is a huge asset. Going off of primary exit polls, he’s pulling in the anti-war Republican vote. Bizarre, considering McCain is the maybe most hawkish Republican of all those who ran. So that’ll be dispensed with in short order and I can’t see independents being happy with McCain’s willingness to stay in Iraq for the next century. And when you consider that McCain has little to offer outside of foreign policy, he’ll have a hard time making up any ground with those who dislike that stance. That said, Clinton is probably not the candidate to best take advantage of those weaknesses, as she’s somewhat hawkish as well and won’t be as enticing to independents as Obama would be. All in all, I think the Democratic nominee can deal with McCain’s maverick status.

Someone at work the other day said Republicans will vote for Republicans, but Democrats may break off and vote for McCain. Considering the incredible turnout the Democratic primaries have been generating, that seems ridiculous. I’ve seen far more of those on the other side express interest in Obama than vice-versa. I think most Democrats by now are aware that McCain is very much a Republican and not much of a maverick.

Who knows what’s going to happen. I’m optimistic and I’m actually looking forward to voting for Obama or Clinton.

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