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Bipartisan zombies

December 31, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

So Bloomberg is making noise about running as an independent candidate for president and wants to reduce partisan gridlock in Washington.

He’d be running as a centrist, of course. The situation in which he’d run is described in the article:

And Mr. Bloomberg himself has become more candid in conversations with friends and associates about his interest in running, according to participants in those talks. Despite public denials, the mayor has privately suggested scenarios in which he might be a viable candidate: for instance, if the opposing major party candidates are poles apart, like Mike Huckabee, a Republican, versus Barack Obama or John Edwards as the Democratic nominee.

You know, I can see the logic if we nominated Ron Paul and Ralph Nader, but that’s not what’s on the table. There are clear differences between the Republicans and Democrats, but let’s face it, we’re not talking about a massive, intractable ideological divide. You’re simply not going to agree completely with any candidate and if we want another option it should be something different. Bloomberg offers what the two major parties offer, just rearranged a bit.

When people like this talk about bipartisanship, they seem to mean that we should all work together for the solution he or she prefers, a solution that is typically a worse idea than any of the prevailing ideas and never much of a change. Sure, it’d be nice if we all agreed, but we don’t and a synthesis of current opinion is rarely a good solution. Do I really need to rattle off the bipartisan disasters our government has given us? The Medicare prescription drug bill? The drug war? The Patriot Act? The Iraq war? Those didn’t make it through Congress with a few defectors from one side or another. They passed with significant support from both sides.

We don’t need unity candidates. We need people working on new ideas or convincing enough people that an older idea is the way to go. If you put enough of the public behind a solution everything else will sort itself out.

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