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Persecuting the religious

November 27, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Oh, the horror. WND has this headline at the top of main page:

County investigates sheriff for supporting Christmas

Completely outrageous! What you believe is your own business and the government can’t tell you what you talk about!

However, he did say the repercussions for his support for Christmas already are developing. He said county commissioners were reviewing his comments in his column, a statement confirmed by Commissioner Glenn Gibson.

“The sheriff’s not accountable to the commissioners. He’s accountable to the public,” Gibson told WND. But the commentary on the sheriff’s department part of the county website causes concern, he said.

“I have questioned whether that is the correct, proper place to air one’s opinion,” he told WND. “That is what is being looked into. That probably will be addressed in the future.”

Gibson said Alderden was free to have his own website, something Alderden told WND he already was exploring.

“It’s just that my concern that being on the county website, that also shows county approval. That’s what we’re going to have to address,” Gibson said.

Oh. So, someone is looking into whether he should be using that county’s website for his rants about religion and culture? Sounds like a reasonable thing to do, actually. That commissioner sounds calm and reasonable, too.

WND: journalism at its finest.

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