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A joke

September 11, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Petraeus and Crocker have begun their Congressional briefings in the past two days and it’s really not impressive. I’m a fan of this nonsense:

Petraeus’s plan would rotate 2,200 Marines out of Anbar province in western Iraq this month without replacing them, then begin pulling out 17,500 Army troops and 2,000 more Marines starting in mid-December. If logistics personnel and other supporting troops are also withdrawn, that would return force levels to the “pre-surge” number of 130,000 by mid-July. The general asked Congress to defer decisions on further reductions until March to get a better sense of the political and security situation.

“What I recommended was a very substantial withdrawal,” Petraeus countered.

A substantial withdrawal…that we essentially have to do, as our current troop level isn’t sustainable. Which is why it’s a “surge” and not a permanent increase. So the substantial withdrawal is the unavoidable withdrawal of the troops we sent in temporarily. I’m satisfied, aren’t you?

And of course, Iraqis don’t think the surge is working and there doesn’t actually appear to be a decrease in violence.

Finally, the overriding message of these briefings seems to be this: don’t make any decisions yet. After a surge that was supposed to work by now. The surge appears to have had only a minor effect and they have nothing else to offer. If we keep doing the same thing over and over, eventually we’ll get a different result, right?

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