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Live emissions

Live Earth was this past weekend. I watched some it whatever HD channel it was on, catching RHCP, Keane (never heard of them), Metallica, and Alicia Keys. Alright, so technically I had to change the channel after a minute of whatever horrific piece of music Keys started off with, but those are the bands I saw. I must say that Metallica is looking quite old at this point. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising.

I don’t understand the point of this event, though. I suppose raising awareness is a little difficult to measure, but I’m unconvinced a giant worldwide concert is that useful. Plus, “private jets for climate change” is a pretty accurate description of the whole thing. I’m sure much of it was paid for with carbon offsets, but let’s face it, those things aren’t going to solve anything.

Also, there were short films in between concert highlights when I was watching. One of them had Chris Rock talking about eating more vegetables so that the meat we didn’t eat could be used to feed the hungry. That seemed bizarre and irrelevant.

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