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Boxes of rocks

Look, a new poll on evolution. We get to be depressed about the support for creationism and the oddity of human response to pollsters.

First, we’re very agreeable. Two-thirds of use agree that creationism is probably or definitely true and 53% believe evolution is definitely or probably true. The way these two positions are defined in the poll question make them incompatible. So we’re rather blatantly contradicting ourselves (yes, I realize you don’t have people literally agreeing to both, given the sampling setup). Unthinking simpletons or sycophantic yes-men? You decide.

Second, “I believe in Jesus Christ” is not a reason to disbelieve in evolution. Also, more frequent church attendance and being a Republican are correlated with disbelief in evolution.

So, church-going Republicans: please stop making us look stupid.*

* Please don’t take that too seriously. Though, if you can make us look less stupid, more power to you.

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