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Kevin Martin needs to get out more

I think this is amusing. The Second Circuit court of appeals overturned an FCC ruling about “fleeting expletives” and called them “divorced from reality.” Here’s one of the offending comments, at the Golden Globes:

After U2 frontman Bono said “This is really, really, fucking brilliant. Really, really, great” during an acceptance speech during the 2003 Golden Globe Awards televised live on NBC, the FCC was hit with a complaints from the Parents Television Council.

The FCC’s enforcement bureau said Bono’s comments didn’t describe “sexual or excretory organs or activities.” Martin says:

Martin also believes that the Court is the entity with a tenuous grip on the real world. “The court even says the Commission is ‘divorced from reality,'” argues Martin. “It is the New York court, not the Commission, that is divorced from reality in concluding that the word ‘fuck’ does not invoke a sexual connotation.”

Alright, show of hands: how many of you thought of sex when reading Bono’s comment? Now, put your hand down if you were already thinking about sex. Yep, exactly no one is left. I think reality has spoken. I mean, what, is Bono saying that whatever award he received is brilliant like sex? That’s just not a word I would use to describe that activity.

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