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Headscarf ban upheld in Germany

According to the AP:

A court on Tuesday upheld a German state’s ban on teachers wearing the Muslim head scarf in public schools, rejecting a woman’s appeal against a decision not to employ her.

However, the administrative court in Duesseldorf said regional law did not allow for religious statements that might infringe on the state’s neutrality toward students and parents. Presiding judge Kurt Buechel argued that wearing a head scarf does to some extent constitute an expression of religious conviction.

I tend to fall on the other side of this issue. A headscarf seems mostly unobtrusive and it seems easy enough to discern that it’s personal preference, not state endorsement of the belief. Of course, that’s an American perspective. I don’t know what German law says.

On the other hand, I don’t see why a school shouldn’t be able to specify a dress code. If that doesn’t allow wearing a headscarf I’m not sure I see the problem.

In any case, the reasonable position from where I think the line between church and state is to be drawn is allowing teachers to wear them.

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