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Century Media copy protection?

So I just bought Dark Tranquillity’s Fiction (an excellent CD, by the way). There seems to be a problem, however: I can’t rip the CD. Well, I can, but it’s sort of odd. In Sound Juicer everything pops up and rips just fine, but there’s a crackling sound in the background of every song. Weird. My normal ripping set up, Grip and cdparanoia, refuse to rip the CD; each track hangs at 99%. Same with KAudioCreator.

I’m able to play the CD in Amarok, though it takes forever to load. Nothing looks particularly suspicious on the packaging, aside from a copyright notice saying “© 2007 Copyright Control.” I don’t really know what that means.

Is this some kind of copy protection scheme? I haven’t tried this in Windows yet, so maybe it’s a Linux thing. Still, seems weird.

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