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How presidential

I realize I’m a Democrat and biased a certain way, but doesn’t the Republican presidential candidate field…suck? I mean, this is the field:

John McCain – Tied to a terrible war and isn’t the maverick that everyone used to think he was.
Rudy Guiliani – Running on foreign policy without actual foreign policy experience.
Mitt Romney – Doesn’t appear to actually have any principles, as far as I can tell.
Sam Brownback – Religious right loon.
Mike Huckabee – Believes environmentalism should be a religion and doesn’t believe in evolution.
Ron Paul – Crazy.
Tom Tancredo – Crazy.
Tommy Thompson – Fire all the gay people you want.
Duncan Hunter – Who?
James Gilmore – Who?

Apparently there’s some actor that everyone is salivating over, too. Cream of the crop? I think not.

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