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The definition of stupid?

I once posted funny or insane letters to our local paper on here fairly regularly. Sadly, the Chronicle stopped putting them online and I stopped reading the paper offline (the two aren’t connected, by the way). I happened to have a free copy of today’s paper left at my doorstep today, however, so I took a look at what I’ve been missing. I wasn’t disappointed; there’s a staggeringly stupid one in there today. It’s courtesy of Peter Arnone, a name that’s vaguely familiar, likely from other crazy letters.

Where is the ACLU when it is needed most? A courageous individual is standing alone in the fight of his life for his First Amendment rights. His free speech has been muzzled. He has been suspended from his job. His livelihood is further threatened with possible firing. How can the ACLU sit idly by and allow this champion of free expression be crucified by the media and millions of angry Americans?

Why would the ACLU defend the freedom of expression of pornographers, but not this individual? Why would it fight for the rights of activists disrupting military funerals and confronting distraught family members with offensive language, but not this individual?

At this point, I was quite curious about who this individual was. That’s a lot of buildup. Let’s just say the individual and his situation doesn’t live up to Arnone’s rhetoric:

Why is the ACLU not coming to the defense of Don Imus? The ACLU has roughly $200 million in its legal fund. So, why is it not suing NBC for suspending him? Why is it not rallying national support for his constitutional rights and the rights of all Americans? Perhaps, Scott Crichton, Montana director of the ACLU can enlighten us.

Yes, he’s talking about Don Imus. Don Imus. I believe the proper response to this is, “are you high?” No one’s really so stupid as to misunderstand freedom of speech so badly, right? Should you even be allowed to vote if you say something this dumb?

Is it really that hard to grasp that NBC is not a part of the government and can’t violate anyone’s free speech by denying that person a platform for his or her views? If Imus had been arrested or fined, Arnone would have a point. He wasn’t, so there’s no point. It’s just gibberish.

The rest of the letter goes on about how the ACLU wants moral anarchy. It’s painful to read.

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