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I suppose I need to start thinking about this

Well, fuck. I realize I have plenty of time to think about the Democratic nominees for President, but this really throws a monkey wrench into things. I’m inclined to agree with Colby. If Congress is simply going to roll over when Bush vetoes the spending bill, what good are they? Granted, the Democrats can’t override his veto and no one wants our soldiers hanging in the balance while two branches of government are in a stand off, but there’s no other choice. Continuing the war is the greater negative here.

That is, by the way, me saying I’m in favor of withdrawal. The date proposed is a bit far off, perhaps, but we need to be out. I’ve been avoiding saying we should withdraw out of concern for the events that will follow. At this point I’d have to say that all we’re doing is delaying the inevitable. The best we can do is attempt to withdraw as cleanly as possible. Which, of course, isn’t going to be successful, but have to try (and that means handling the massive increase in refugees fleeing the renewed violence, too).

I believe Dave (who, I have on good authority, is still alive and actually completing a course of reformative therapy at the hands of David Sirota) warned of the consequences for American foreign policy if we withdraw a while back. I’m not entirely sure such consequences are bad, however. If we never try something on the scale of what we’re doing in Iraq again, is that a bad thing? Transforming an entire society appears to be out of our reach (and unsurprisingly so). How many more lives would we waste of further endeavors of this kind? Full-on nation building via military force is something to avoid, not regret our inability to summon the support for it.

Back to the Democrats. With Obama making empty threats, do I have anyone to turn to? Clinton is simply not impressive. I don’t believe she’d be a bad president, but she wouldn’t be more than average. Then again, I’d be happy with average at this point. John Edwards? I admittedly need to do more research, but I’m not entirely sure about his economic policies. The word “populist” is bandied about quite a bit, which makes me a little wary. Perhaps there’s no good reason for that, but there it is. Those are the big three. Richardson is appealing, but doesn’t appear to have a shot. So at this stage in the game, I’m not entirely impressed. There’s a lot of time left, however, and anything could happen. We’ll just have to see.

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