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Nothing to brag about

Some Christian group is putting on their own Jamestown celebration. I thought these paragraphs from the article were amusing:

Organizers of official events marking the 400th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown are being accused of trying to revise history. Ordered by Congress, the official commemoration is scheduled take place the weekend of May 11; however, organizers are not calling any of the planned events a celebration, claiming that an invasion should not be celebrated.

Doug Phillips, director of Vision Forum Ministries, says the Jamestown settlement was the primary tool for the founding of America and was “based on a charter called the Virginia Charter of 1606, which was directly based in the Great Commission. And America, he observes, “had been a nation under the control of individuals that were cannibals, that worshipped trees and rocks, that were spiritists.”

I assume that last statement is intended to counter the charge that Jamestown was an invasion. We all know the savages needed a little culture, so what’s the big deal?

Also, one would have to observe those who took control of the area practiced symbolic cannibalism (thank goodness it’d only really be cannibalism if their delusions were real) and believed in witches and zombies. I’m not sure it was much of a step up.

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