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Focus on the Family’s movie reviewing unit says this in its DVD review of Borat:

Finding himself abandoned, dejected and penniless, Borat wanders into a Pentecostal church. There, the message of the gospel is explicitly preached, with songs such as “There Is Power in the Blood” playing in the background. An evangelist not only explains to Borat that Jesus came as God manifested in the flesh, he also speaks of the Lord’s sacrifice on the cross to forgive our sins with the shedding of His blood. Even more poignant is when the (supposedly) heartbroken, desolate Borat hears that Jesus’ limitless love extends to anyone and everyone, no matter what they’ve done or who they are. “Can Jesus heal pain in my heart?” the foreigner asks. After being told that, yes, Jesus can heal even that, Borat is led in the sinner’s prayer.

Maybe not since The Apostle have I witnessed onscreen such a lengthy depiction of God’s transforming power and His ever-open embrace to the brokenhearted.

I mean, I realize he says in the next sentence that it wasn’t meant seriously, but still. Cohen was acting. There was no depiction of any “transforming power.” There were people trying and there was Cohen acting. Weird.

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