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The king of peace!

Heard of Rev. Sun Myung Moon? Right-wing media financier, charismatic religious leader, messiah…ok, so he’s probably not that last one. Though, of course, he claims to be. He also sponsors a “tear down the cross” campaign, urging Christian churches to remove crosses from their churches because Christ has failed and Moon is the second coming.

Did I mention that he’s poured billions into the uniformly Christian right-wing media? Yeah. You can watch him being crowned the “king of peace” in our capital building here. Weird shit. Remember, this is the guy who mandates that his followers clean themselves up after sex with a “holy handkerchief” that should never be washed. Also, you have to keep a picture of Rev. Moon beside the bed to keep a watch over you during such acts.

So remember, Washington Times = unwashed sex cloth.

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