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Mommy, I saw a bad word!

So, I was watching the Saints – Eagles game last Saturday. During the course of the game they showed a shot of a crowd member wearing an obscene t-shirt. I remember thinking, did that really say “Fuck da Eagles?” It was on screen for no more than a second, if that, and I wasn’t sure if it actually said fuck on the shirt. I promptly forgot about the incident. The same cannot be said for others:

The January 13 FOX broadcast of the NFL playoff game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints, which included a camera view of a fan with an obscene word on her shirt, is now the subject of calls for the Federal Communications Commission to enforce indecency laws — and to ignore what one watchdog group calls a “fake apology” from the network.

Oh boy.

American Family Association spokesperson Cindy Roberts says network television has chosen, once again, to pull a surprise on families viewing prime time programming. “What’s bad about that,” she notes, “is you’re sitting around the television having family time with your children, not expecting to see anything profane or inappropriate, and there it is.”

It was on for, like, a second. Is a random glimpse of a swear word on a t-shirt really something to get in a huff about? Sheesh.

Both the American Family Association and the Parents Television Council are calling on their members to file viewer complaints with the FCC over its airing of profanity during the recent FOX NFL broadcast. In fact, the Council feels FOX owes the game’s sponsors a refund of their advertising dollars due to the incident, and the group is calling on the network to pay up.

Well, the Council appears to be composed of morons, doesn’t it?

Obligatory YouTube video here.

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  1. January 19, 2007 at 10:10 am

    Well, to be fair, Jeff, a LOT of liberal blogs brought this up. Mostly in mock outrage, and wondering when the fundies would glom onto it, but still, it seemed to start in the liberal blogosphere.

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