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A hate crime in Idaho

November 30, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dave Neiwert has the scoop on a hate crime in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, a town I’ve been to many times:

BONNERS FERRY, Idaho (AP) — Northern Idaho human rights groups are decrying a 20-day sentence given to a man who picked up and then dropped a 17-year-old girl too close to a bonfire and whose words, the groups say, made the actions a hate crime.

Some witnesses testified at Friday’s hearing that at a beer keg party on July 27, Davis picked up Ilaura Fleck and said Fleck’s father was Catholic and her mother was Muslim and “that makes you a Jew. All Jews should burn” and then threw Fleck into a bonfire on Katka Mountain in Boundary County.

Heise ruled that Fleck wasn’t thrown into the fire but fell into the flames after being dropped on a log. She also ruled that a hate crime wasn’t involved because Fleck isn’t Jewish, The Spokesman-Review reported.

I suppose the intent to toss her into the fire may not have been there. Who knows? Still, it’s not a hate crime because she’s not Jewish? She was still attacked on the basis of her religious and ethnic background: a Catholic father and a Muslim mother. But since Davis was dumb enough to think that makes her Jewish, he gets a pass. There’s some logic for you.

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  1. Chris
    May 22, 2007 at 11:04 am

    I am a single women with a child. I bought a home in Nampa Idaho. My neighbor has tried to make me move by pouring gas-oil mix in my yard that caused a horrific chemical smell for two months. I finally had to dig up the dirt that was poluted to get rid of the very thick smell. He also throughs garbage and dog poop into my yard. At this time he has a sign in his window that reads ” Your a Freak”. My neigbor’s wife will stare me down and spit in my direction when she sees me in my yard and I believeshe mouths the words F.U..
    My understanding is that they both are in their sixties and that they are active members of the LDS church. I have contacted a friend tht is mormon and have asked him to contact the church bishop to try and resolve this issue. At this time the sign still remains.
    Is there any recorse for me..?

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