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A logic puzzle

November 15, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

1. A and B
2. not B
3. = not A

Is this valid logic? No? Well, you better inform this woman, she’s quite confused:

(AgapePress) – A Pennsylvania pro-family group is denouncing Senator-elect Bob Casey, Jr., for pledging to advance hate crimes legislation once he’s in Washington.

“You know … When [people] think of Bob Casey, they think of [former Pennsylvania Governor] Bob Casey, Sr., and too many people equate Bob Casey, Jr., with his dad,” says the pro-family spokeswoman

“Bob Casey, Jr., ran on a pro-family, pro-life campaign throughout the campaign, and he’s not,” Gramley continues. “He’s neither pro-life nor pro-family, and this statement that he made on Wednesday proves that even more so.”

Ignoring the the bizarre claim that “hate crimes legislation with protection for sexual orientation = anti-family,” where did the denial that Casey is pro-life come from? Can hate crimes legislation prove someone is against abortion? Apparently.

Also, did you know being pro-family also means you’re pro-gratuitous insults?

Gramley adds that she is glad Bob Casey, Sr., is not alive “to see the direction his son is headed.”

All for Casey’s support for hate crimes legislation that includes sexual orientation. You’d think they’d realize that hate crimes legislation covers gay people assaulting straight people because they’re straight. After all, the gays rampaging over this country with their homosexual agenda are bound to beat up a couple uncooperative recruits along the way, right? Why forsake a little protection?

I just don’t understand these people.

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