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This week you will come into a great deal of money…

In light of my last post, I should note something. According to my last.fm page, of the artists I listened to last week, three I listened to eight times each. What position are they tied for in the list of top artists for the week? Eight! You know what else? One of those three artists (Sigur Rós) I’ve played…333 times! Sum the three digits in that number and you get nine, which is also the sum of the two digits in the playcount (72) of another of the three artists (Genesis)! Oh, but there’s more. Those three eights multiplied together equal 512. All the plays of the three artists logged on last.fm total 493. 512 – 493 = 19. Guess what song I’ve played 19 times, according to last.fm? Sigur Rós’s Sæglópur!

Clearly, these are concidences of great cosmic significance. The stars are aligned and Jupiter is retrograde. Something good is going to happen!

Stop looking at me like that.

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  1. October 10, 2006 at 10:57 am

    That’s the best numerology joke I’ve encountered since Umberto Eco’s first two novels.

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