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The Butte debate

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I suppose I should comment on this while it’s fresh in my mind. I didn’t write anything down (because I’m lazy), so this won’t be that in-depth of a review.

I don’t think it was even close. Tester was almost perfect and Burns said the same meaningless crap we’ve been hearing for months. Tester will weaken our families! Tester will cut and run! Tester will tax us to death! Tester eats babies!

Alright, so that last one isn’t real. Tester had some good one liners and seemed pretty comfortable. One of the better ones was responding to Burns’s support of the Patriot Act, “I don’t want to weaken it, I want to repeal it.” That’s a great comeback to Burns’s scare tactics, even though I’d rather see it weakened than repealed (well, I do want some of it repealed). Burns decided to demonize environmentalists for a bit (and really, it’s not like they couldn’t use a little criticism) and attacked Tester for being supported by them. He responded that if that’s true, we should elect him to “get them off the dime.” Tester showed some passion a few times and when it was appropriate, I thought.

Burns, on the other hand, sounded defensive and a little angry. When it really didn’t warrant it, too. You have to like his comment that Washington was a “17 acre logic-free zone.” It certainly is, Senator. Of course, you’re right in the middle of it and the party that controls it, so I’m just not sure what the point of that comment was. Burns really was in fine form, making rambling answers and thanking himself (that was strange). He brought up gun control like we were all supposed to gasp at horrible it is. Strangely, he thought Chuck Schumer was the chairman of the DNC, when it’s the right’s favorite object of derision, Howard Dean.

It seems that Resodyn (one of the debate sponsors) bought a bunch of seats that were given to Burns supporters, all of them up front. When they introduced Burns it seemed like the entire front quarter of the theater stood up and cheered (and almost no one else). Nearly everyone else stood up and cheered for Tester when he was introduced.

I never got around to listening to the Hamilton debate, but I didn’t think Tester did a great job in the Whitefish debate. He was definitely much better this time around. Burns did about the same. I don’t really think it was close. Then again, I’m a Tester supporter and quite liberal, so that’s what I’m biased toward. Still, I think it was pretty clear.

Afterwards, Colby and I met up with Jay and CeCe, which was very cool. Nice to get know some of the people behind blogs I read. I guess we missed Moorcat, which is a shame. It was definitely a fun trip, though.

Next up, the Bozeman debate.

Also, check out Jay’s liveblogging, which is a good play-by-play of the debate.

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