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Shane of Wrong Dog has moved over to Left in the West. At least his political writing, anyway. Jeez, the big dog of the Montana lefty blogosphere absorbs a small, unique blog and has him working for poor pay, no benefits, and no control over the direction of the blog. It’s Wal-mart-esqe, if you ask me. It’s only a matter of time before Matt expands his empire and takes over the server space of some ancient ruins.

Seriously though, Matt has brought another fantastic writer on board and I have to go to one less blog for excellent commentary on Montana politics. So congrats to both of you.

The Independent’s blogging article is out. The usual sites have commentary. What I got out of it:

a) Aside from the bloggers I’ve met (or seen pictures of), no one looked like I expected.
b) Rob will come to my apartment and strangle me with piano wire if I disagree with the Democratic party.
c) All of us Montana bloggers are Tester supporters, except for Coobs. I think we’re slightly more diverse than that.

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