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Oh, E-brief

It never ends. The MT GOP E-brief seems to be stuck on one tactic: guilt by association. You see, arguing for Burns’s reelection is just too boring. They need to spice things up a bit. For a while they were smearing Tester for associating with Kos and company. Very scary, indeed. Then of course there’s your garden variety “OMG he’s appearing with liberals!” nonsense. Curiously, the current E-brief has a very specific “associate” in mind:

Hosted by Strategies 360, this fundraiser lets Jon grip and grin with some of Seattle’s liberal elite. It’s the type of place Jon can open his mouth and some of those liberals can open their wallets.

As the left’s new sweetheart Jon Tester might even get the chance to rub elbows with one of the Democrat’s finest Senators, the State of Washington’s Maria Cantwell. Make sure you take good notes Jon, she could probably give you a few pointers.

O…k. Why do we care about Maria Cantwell? Well, they don’t explain that. In fact, I have no idea why they devote most of the email to her. Apparently, she said recently that knowing what we know now, she wouldn’t have voted for the Iraq war. Sounds fine to me. The MT GOP doesn’t think so, I guess. It’s very strange. I don’t see any actual contradictions. For example:

Senator Cantwell Now: “If I knew then everything that I know today and the Republican leadership still brought it up for a vote, I would have voted no.” (Northwest Progressive Institute Weblog, “Sen. Cantwell Clarifies Her Position On Iraq ,” Posted August 15, 2006 )

Senator Cantwell Then: “Saddam Hussein is a global menace that we cannot simply wish away. By doing nothing the world is not only failing to enforce the terms of a cease-fire that we fought for; but it is allowing a dangerous threat to grow that deserves renewed immediacy.” (Senator Maria Cantwell, Congressional Record, October 10, 2002 )

Senator Cantwell Then: “But I have seen over the last 11 years, Saddam Hussein has consistently failed to live up to the 1991 cease-fire agreement, and his noncompliance is a dangerous failure that this body must address. This problem is not going away. If anything, it will grow increasingly more dangerous as Saddam Hussein increases his chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons stockpile.” (Senator Maria Cantwell, Congressional Record, October 10, 2002 )

Well, gee, considering that the reason we though Hussein was a threat was WMDs and he was quite lacking in those, I’d say she’s justified based on information gathered after the invasion. Seems sort of rational to change your mind in the face of that information, actually. Perhaps that explains the MT GOP’s problem.

So again, the MT GOP argument: you shouldn’t vote for Jon Tester because Maria Cantwell changed her mind. You can’t argue with that logic!

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