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Hey look, I can get on my site again

Anyway, a few quick things. Steve and Mark T have finally started up their own blog. Should be interesting, so go check it out.

The second thing: Colby’s trying to get a sort of debate blog set up. Debaters are needed. Here’s what’s up so far.

Finally, I already made my displeasure about Jon Benet Ramsey being back in the news. Last night’s Daily Show made it even more obvious how wretched TV journalism is. Reports about what Karr is eating? This below Entertainment Tonight. It’s tabloid journalism from “respectable” networks. These people are one ratings dip away from reporting Elvis sightings. There’s a war going on. There are issues that have major long term consequences in need of discussion. And the cable news networks are talking about Karr eating prawns? I’m sorry, anyone participating in this farce has forfeit the right to be taken seriously ever again.

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