Oh noes

Wulfgar has ably ridiculed the hysterical reactions of some to the missing Egyptian students. I just wanted to make a couple of points.

1. They are not the right age for Al Qaeda suicide terrorists. They’re late teens, early 20s. Al Qaeda terrorists are late 20s.
2. Egypt has produced only 2 out of 48(ish) Al Qaeda terrorists.
3. The chance of them being terrorists is slim to none. The FBI has taken the proper steps. Hysterics are not warranted.

I do think one explanation of their disappearance has been falsified, however. As you may recall (from a Chronicle article that has since disappeared into the bowels of their building just down the street from here),

Rather than a case of international intrigue, this may well be a case of the Big Apple offering greater temptations than the Big Sky.

“I think these students decided they wanted to use their time in other ways, connected to being in New York, rather than Montana,” Norm Peterson, MSU’s vice provost for international education, said Monday.

Although Montanans may think of MSU as a great mecca, its fame as a wonderful, euphoric place to live and study “has not reached audiences around the world,” Peterson said.

“We fight an image problem all the time,” he said. “It may be one of the things that happened.”

One of them has apparently turned up in Minnesota. If they didn’t think Montana was cool enough, why would they go to Minnesota?

Think logically, people.

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