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Will Ferrel makes baby Jesus cry

Seriously people. Lighten up. The Movieguide content list of Talledega Nights:

Strong humanist worldview with very strong politically correct elements that ridicules white Southern Christian males, the Bible Belt, Jesus Christ, the Nativity Story, Christians, NASCAR, the South, men with Southern accents, and American masculinity while promoting moral relativism, plus movie uses strong pansexual homosexual elements to mock conservative and Christian attitudes toward masculinity in a politically correct way

I like this one:

protagonist is selfish

Lord save us all. The review goes on:

TALLADEGA NIGHTS ridicules its conceited, Southern white protagonist. In one excruciatingly long scene, it also ridicules the protagonist and his family and friend for saying an inane dinner prayer to Jesus. This is one of the most blasphemous scenes in recent memory. It goes way beyond mere mockery of Christianity. The movie also ridicules traditional, heterosexual notions of masculinity in America and the South, including NASCAR. Taken altogether, the movie is one long politically correct, humanist attack on the Bible Belt and white Southern Americans. It also contains strong sexual references, excessive foul language and strong homosexual content.

You may mock Christianity. But NASCAR? You will rot in hell!

UPDATE: Others are not pleased either. Says one protester:

Katie McMahan found irony in the fact that protesters were initially asked to leave.

“I think it’s a joke how a policeman can kick us off the theater’s property when we stand up for our Christian values, but they won’t do a thing about cussing in the theater or things like that,” she said.

This is both hilarious and terrifying.

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  1. August 10, 2006 at 9:03 am

    What, isn’t God > Private Property?

    Oh, wait, I forgot: there is no private property anymore. Thanks, SCOTUS!

  2. rob
    August 13, 2006 at 8:53 am

    oh god helio is turning into a libertarian

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