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So Lieberman lost

I haven’t said a word about that race, mainly because a) this is Montana, not Conneticut and b) its importance seems overblown. I’m all for Lamont winning. Lieberman isn’t a terrible Senator, but he’s not entitled to his seat, as he seems to think. I think Lamont will be better. But again, I haven’t given it a lot of thought, as Bozeman is not part of Conneticut. Lieberman, of course, will now throw a tantrum and run as an independent. He will lose, of course, and he will make it very difficult for Lamont to win. I don’t care about party loyalty, so I’m not going to say he’s betraying the Democratic (as a side note, that’s Democratic) party, but he has to know he’s helping someone he disagrees with much more than Lamont.

I said this is overblown. It is. This is hardly about centrist Democrats vs. far left Democrats. Lieberman supported and continues to support a war and a president that are unsupportable. That’s not a far left position. That’s the position of a large swath of the country and almost the entire Democratic party. Ideology has little to do with most of the opposition to the Iraq war at this point. The opposition is due to the constant mistakes, distortions of reality, and refusal to treat the issue as more than partisan politics. Left, right, top, or bottom, you can recognize that. Lieberman has failed to do so. Whether he agrees with me on other points or not, I would have problems supporting someone who fails to see something I find to be obvious.

UPDATE: Also, McKinney seems to have lost, too. Fantastic. What a whack job.

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