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A rock and a hard place

I’ve only been sort of following the case of Abraham Cherrix, a 16 year old with cancer who has refused to undergo chemotherapy. A court ordered him to do so, but now it appears that order has been lifted pending a trial.

This is a strange case. Orac has made the case for supporting forcing him to undergo chemotherapy and he’s pretty much spot on. It’s pretty clear that the kid and his parents are persuing a dangerously delusional option in going for an “alternative” treatment. It’s exactly like Christian Scientists believing they can cure people simply through prayer and refusing to take their children to a doctor. It’s certainly neglectful on the part of his parents. Then again, Abraham is 16. Is that old for him to be making his own decisions in this area? It’s damn close. His delusions will only hurt himself and I have no desire for the government to intervene for the good of all the delusional people in this country. Of course, we don’t typically allow children to kill themselves because of their fantasies.

I’m genuinely torn. The only thing that seems clear is that the Hoxsey treatment is altie pseudoscience. That pseudoscience has led to this situation.

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  1. July 25, 2006 at 8:37 pm

    What surprises me is that there seems to be a role reversal amongts ideologues. Thinking back to the Terry Scheivo case, where most Democrats assumed the postion that tough medical choices should be left to the family and Republicans spewing missives of “culture of life” with zealous religiosity. Now conservaitves are saying that the state is interfereing with, not only the kids medical choice, but his parents rights to support such. I haven’t heard a great deal about this from Democrats – but thinking the state has better judgement for such issue pertaining to children, as Democrats often do, inclines me to beleive that most Democrats would be on the side of the state.

    Me, I think we are “endowed by our creator” to make stupid choices and suffer the outcomes. The state has no place interfereing with the Darwinian construct of man’s ability to engage in self-inflicted wounds.

  2. July 25, 2006 at 8:44 pm

    I think some Democrats are sympathetic to alternative medicine, which could push them one way.

    I do agree with you to a point, but the problem is while the parents can do what they want, there’s a point where inflicting it on their kid is child abuse.

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