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Happy 4th

Happy Fourth of July everyone. I will spend today doing nothing. Actually, I’m playing with ripping DVD-Audio to FLAC. Which is fairly pointless, since I already have the DTS mixes ripped and I won’t be able to hear any difference. But what are holidays for, anyway?

UPDATE: Hooray for me, I have my three Porcupine Tree DVD-A’s ripped into FLAC files. And just as I suspected, I can’t really tell the difference between them and the DTS rips I had. Still, at least I can say I’m listening to the main content of the discs. I’ve also learned that while WinDVD is a nice program, Intervideo are a bunch of pricks. They removed DVD-A support about a year ago with no explanation (not that you can’t guess why). So while I actually bought the program, I’m using an older cracked version. Lovely.

As far as the PT discs go, Deadwing is the one that I’m most happy to have. I never thought the CD sounded particularly good, but the DVD-A version sounds excellent. I think the guitars sound kinda weak on In Absentia, strangely enough. Otherwise it’s quite good, too. Stupid Dream has its moments (Ambulance Chasing in surround sound is very cool), as well. Oddly enough, while Deadwing and In Absentia clock in at around 2.5 gb, Stupid Dream is just over 1 gb. I wasn’t paying attention, so I don’t know if that’s FLAC compression or the ripped WAV files. Very strange. Also strange is that Stupid Dream and In Absentia are not encrypted, but Deadwing is.

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