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Yoga is the devil

I thought it was weird that Agape Press attacked yoga a while back. I mean, of course it has New Agey overtones that are complete bullshit, but it’s stretching, for crying out loud. That’s all most people get out of it. Now they’re taking another shot. An even crazier shot.

(AgapePress) – Christian author Dave Hunt, co-founder of the Oregon-based ministry, The Berean Call, has written a new book called Yoga and the Body of Christ. In it, he contends that yoga is a spiritually dangerous practice designed to expose people to demonic influences.

While conducting research for the book, Hunt says he studied the roots of yoga and interviewed many people who have practiced it. As a result of his investigation, he says he has concluded that the techniques employed in yoga are not designed primarily to promote health but to put participants in a mental state similar to that of hypnosis.

Good god! They could have those people thinking they’re chickens or something! The dangers of hypnosis are very real.

And it is not those critical or skeptical of yoga who are confirming these conclusions, the author points out. “These are the yogis, now. These are the people who developed it,” he insists. “These are the people who practiced it, and they warned [that] you must always have your guru present when you get into this state of consciousness, because you could be taken over by some evil entity.”

That may be what their religious beliefs are, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually try, or that people of other faiths should care. Hindus believe you could be reincarnated as a fruit fly. You don’t hear Christians warning people to stay away from statues of Vishnu in order to avoid being sucked into a cycle of reincarnation.

The elements of yoga are sometimes adapted to meet the needs of non-religious practitioners and those of other faiths, including Christians. But Hunt insists there is no way to modify this inherently spiritual practice to make it acceptable for Christians.

“If you want to benefit yourself physically,” the author says, “then do exercises that were designed for that. Do not get into things that were designed for self-realization and to ‘realize that you are God.'” He also urges Christians, “If you want to do some exercises, please don’t call it yoga, because as soon as you do, you’ve put a certain connotation on it.”

Got that? As long as you don’t call it yoga, you’re ok. I assume it works the other way, too. I can start calling things yoga and they’ll become evil. Why does that remind of Christian sex ed?

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  1. June 16, 2006 at 9:51 am

    Back in the seventies, even beforethe New Age was called the New Age, I remember some fundamentalists attacking Transendental Meditation because it opened you up to possession by demons. It was the first time I actually met people who believed in demonic possession and they scared me a lot more than TM did.

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