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I have nothing to say today, as it seems everyone is still talking about how Tester won and I haven’t a clue. Wulfgar says it was the power of his handshake. I can’t say it had that effect on me. Anyway…

Touched by an Atheist. Hilarious.

Is it bad that I found this funny:

The best player of this game that I ever knew was Professor G.H. Hardy, a world-famous mathematician who happened to be a passionate atheist….During my tenure, Professor Simpson, one of the old and famous fellows, died. Simpson had a strong sentimental attachment to the college and was a religious believer. He left instructions that he should be cremated and his ashes should be scattered on the bowling green in the fellows’ garden where he loved to walk and meditate. A few days after he died, a solemn funeral service was held for him in the college chapel….In the evening of the same day I took my place at the high table. One of the neighboring places at the table was empty. Professor Hardy, contrary to his usual habit, was late for dinner. After we had all sat down and the Latin grace had been said, Hardy strolled into the dining hall, ostentatiously scraping his shoes on the wooden floor and complaining in a loud voice for everyone to hear, “What is this awful stuff they have put on the grass in the fellows’ garden? I can’t get it off my shoes.” Hardy, of course, knew very well what the stuff was.

Science moves forward and believers in the paranormal are still waiting for anything interesting to be done in that field.

Ann Coulter thinks she’s the new Mencken and the new Twain. Well, we can add delusional to the list. You simply can’t be the new Mencken and stupid enough to be a creationist at the same time.

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