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Gay marriage ban a flop

It’s hard to really get excited over the failure of the bigot amendment. The absurdity of the whole ordeal is overwhelming. Inhofe thinks gay marriage is going to force more kids onto the state’s tab. You have to wonder if these people listen to themselves talk.

And of course, it demonstrates how vacous the republican party currently is. They’re pushing gay marriage and flag burning amendments. Clearly, those are the top issues of our day. Fuck port security, health care, or Iraq, we need to keep the queers from getting married! Please. Even their (not all, but a significant portion of them) stance on immigration betrays a lack of seriousness. We’re against amnesty! right, so you want to kick out 11 million people? Yeah, that’s really an option. Of course, they get to yell and scream about it, which apparently makes them feel like they’re accomplishing something. And they accuse Democrats of not having ideas. I have an idea: stop acting like morons and get something done. Oops, I see you’re busy taking your free trips to the Super Bowl and getting donors out of treating their workers like human beings. My bad.

And why the HELL can’t I type a capital ‘r’?

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