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So, who’s going to win? I don’t know, but I can make wild guesses:

Morrison 53%, Tester 46%

SD 35:
Gee, maybe the guy who’s actually campaigning? Russell 95%

HD 66:

This is one is pretty interesting. I don’t really know who to vote for (not that I’m going to get to vote anyway). Velasquez had that stupid flyer. I’m more impressed with what Phillips has on his website. Not the design, mind you, which is hideous. Christ, I feel like volunteering to make him one just to spare visitors the agony of looking at that table-ridden mess. I hope he has someone working on it and it’s just under construction.

Ahem, moving on:

Phillips 52%, Velasquez 48%

That’s really all I care to prognosticate about. I apparently haven’t registered in time, so I won’t be voting, sadly. The perils of moving, I guess.

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