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I am confused (again)

Leave it to Agape Press. One of their columnists doesn’t like condoms. Ok, so they all probably dislike condoms. After all, sex outside of marriage is bad and must have consequences. Apparently those consequences include having a kid when you’re a teen:

Teen parents Dan and Christy* are just two people. I love them. They are personal, they live in my world. But their two lives speak of the millions of children and parents in our country today.

Without a father at home, and with a mother and sister caught in a battle of teenage rebellion, Dan took solace in his friendships. And he sought affection in the arms of his high school sweetheart. Dan and Christy only had sex once. But that was enough to create a new life, Allyson.

Today, Allyson is being raised most of the time by her great-grandmother, Christy’s grandmother. Christy takes care of Allyson when she is at home. She and Dan broke up right after she knew she was pregnant, and Christy has had a steady string of boyfriends since then, moving in and moving out of her life. And she is pregnant again.

And what about Allyson? She just celebrated her first birthday as a bright-eyed toddler.

In only 12 more years, Allyson will herself be a teenager. Meanwhile, who will be the adults in her life to guide her and love her? Will she grow up to seek love in the arms of a high school sweetheart? Will she ever know what it means to have two parents at home, a mother and a father who love and hug each other at night in the kitchen — a family?

When she enters high school, will a teen pregnancy and a baby create a problem for Allyson? Or might they solve a problem for her? Might a teen pregnancy give Allyson’s life a focus, a meaning — a glimpse of the love and affection that seemed just out of reach in the few short years she had for learning what love and parenting are all about?

You might be wondering what all that has to do with condoms. Me too. In fact, I’m just generally confused about what the point is here. Condoms in all likelihood would have prevented the entire fiasco. Apparently, another fiasco with Allyson as the mother would be a good thing, because it’d give her focus in life. Just like it did for her parents. Oh, wait.

So, moral of the story: teen pregnancy is a good thing and condoms prevent teen pregnancy, therefore condoms are bad.

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  1. June 4, 2006 at 6:44 pm

    It takes a special kind of wingnut logic. Maybe it’s like those 3D puzzles that show a picture if you screw up your eyes and stare at them long enough.

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