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Go away!

I’m tired of all the Da Vinci Code nonsense. You’re a moron if you believe the book is based on facts and you’re a moron if you’re offended by it. How’s that? Of course, the people who are offended by it are worse. It’s a novel and a movie. You don’t have to take Dan Brown’s claims seriously. No one takes the opening of Fargo seriously. Maybe that’s a bad example, but still. They should be grateful for the whole mess, really. Everyone and their grandmother has a book about the Da Vinci Code out now. Someone even wrote a diet book based on it. That’s even worse than What Would Jesus Eat?

Maybe I should look at like there’s a market for alternative interpretations of Christian history. That such a ridiculous alternative is the one getting the attention quickly snuffs out that idea.

I still haven’t read the book and I’m not planning on seeing the movie. Hopefully this will pass soon and we can get back the real issues. Like the threat from the ACLU and their army of godless fags bent on destroying America.

UPDATE: I wasn’t planning on mentioning Agape Press, as they’re so common a foil of mine, but this is lovely. They’re upset that a Muslim provided some funding for the movie. Well, that proves it, it’s a Hollywood Muslim plot to destroy Christianity. I guess the Jews put all their money toward Brokeback Mountain.

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