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Too many sci fi movies

Christian MD: Dangerous Eugenics Research Being Funded With Taxpayer Dollars

(AgapePress) – The executive director of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) says taxpayer dollars are going to fund a dangerous area of scientific research. The National Institutes of Health has given a grant of nearly three-quarters of a million dollars to Professor Maxwell Mehlman, a scientist at Case Western University, to assist him in studying the genetic enhancements of human beings.

Did you know Christians have their own medical and dental association? Me neither. No doubt to fight back against the horde of godless dentists trying to…I don’t know, I’m sure they’re doing something bad.

I also wasn’t aware that genetic enhancements are the same thing as eugenics.

Dr. David Stevens of the CMDA says Mehlman is a known leader in the field of transhumanism, an area of study that the Christian doctor says has “creating a post-human future” as its goal. The quest of transhumanism, he explains, is to move into that future “by first connecting human beings to computers, essentially creating cyborgs — part human, part computer.”

But the transhumanists’ ultimate objective, Stevens asserts, is “to be able to live forever by downloading your brain into cyberspace.” He says the U.S. government is highly interested in this far-out field of study, and particularly in the area of human genetic enhancements.

I think that’s is a bit beyond what Mehlmen is doing now. They neglect to mention that the goal of the study is “to figure out how to ethically use human subjects in experiments whose ultimate goal would be to ‘to enhance “normal” individuals — to make them smarter, stronger, or better-looking.'” Suddenly the CMDA’s concerns seem a bit less urgent.

The dangers of this line of inquiry and its logical progressions are numerous, the Christian doctor points out. One frightening scenario, he suggests, is the potential “arms race” that could develop between nations vying to be the first to create a race of super-smart, super-strong, enhanced human beings for use as soldiers.

You know, I thought those movies were a bit too violent and dark for the kind of Christians who run Agape and apparently the CMDA. Guess not.

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