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All done!

No more classes for me. At least for a while. Because I know you care, this how the semester has gone:

Embedded Systems: Turned out to be pretty interesting. I got an A in it and I don’t have to take the final.
Intro to Logic: Slightly harder than American Pop Music. But not much. Unless I bomb the final (not likely), I’ll get an A.
Bones, Apes, and Ancestors: I liked this class, even if it was boring at times. I also did surprisingly well. Unless my final paper sucks and I bomb the final, I’ll have an A.
Software Engineering 2: Useful, I guess, though I can’t say I enjoyed it. There’s no final and I have no idea what grade I’ll be getting. B- is my guess.

There you have it. Two finals and I’ll have a degree in Computer Science. Now I just need a job.

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  1. April 30, 2006 at 11:10 am

    Now I just need a job.

    Ay, there’s the rub.

  2. Colby
    May 1, 2006 at 1:56 am

    I think it is humorous that Heliologue alludes to a speech about killing one’s self when Jeff is talking about trying to find a job. Fitting I think.

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